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Found Object Art
October 2-31, 2009
Snyderman-Works Gallery
303 Cherry Street, Philadelphia, PA  19106
(215) 922-7775
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Textiles Exhibit
November 3-28, 2009
Livingston Center for Art and Culture
119 South Main St., Livingston, MT  59047
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Let Them Make Cake
September 1 - October 30, 2009
Southern Ohio Museum
825 Gallia Street, Portsmouth, Ohio
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Jane lives with her husband, Randy, four dogs, and three lovely cats on 40 acres just 1/2 mile from the busy “town” of Rabbit Hash, KY.  “My mother never knew why I lived in the country because I was such a city girl.  Having lived in rural KY for almost 30 years I guess that is no longer true.”  The view from their cabin porch includes part of the Ohio River and, in the winter, the skyline of Rising Sun, IN.  Jane also shares a studio in Cincinnati, OH (30 miles away), where she has attended a weekly drawing group for 20 some years.

To help preserve the Rabbit Hash General Store built in 1831 and three other wooden buildings, which make up downtown Rabbit Hash, a fundraiser to elect a mayor was held.  The candidate with the most votes won, but every vote cost a dollar, and you could vote as many times as you wanted---a typical Kentucky election, perhaps. The votes were tallied on November 2, 2004, and our black lab Junior is now the Mayor of Rabbit Hash.  He will serve until his death and has no special duties but to make people smile.


Mayor Junior passed away in mid May just 2 days shy of his 13th birthday.  He died on his own at home and is buried in our woods by his parents.  He lived a long and happy life and, for an aging childless couple (Randy and I), he was our "A student". Another mayoral race is underway, and it has more candidates than ever.

CBS Sunday Morning did a segment on our election.  To read more about the election visit the links below.

Rabbit Hash Historical Society
Rabbit Hash General Store

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